"I got teased quite a lot when I was younger but I’ve grown into my red hair now and see it as something that makes me unique and special."

“She has plans, look at her calendar. February 14th: ‘masturbate gloomily.’” — Ginsberg, pure gold. (via heart-breakwarfare)

Electra Heart for the signs:


Aries: Starring Role

Taurus: Radioactive

Gemini: Buy The Stars

Cancer: Fear and Loathing

Leo: Primadonna

Virgo: Teen idle

Libra: How To Be A Heartbreaker

Scorpio: Power & Control

Sagittarius: Homewrecker

Capricorn: Living Dead

Aquarius: Sex Yeah

Pisces: State of Dreaming

@IGGYAZALEA: i like to pretend ive ordered pizza for the work meeting im having with 6 others in my living room… when really its just me in my undies

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Johnny Depp by Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair, 1994

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